About Us

The Hope for Wellbeing Project is a highly successful project that has been developed specifically to meet the needs of people within the community who are recovering from mental distress. As the name suggests, the project acts as a beacon of hope for its clients in a sometimes difficult and prejudiced world, as some people are afraid of or don’t understand people with mental distress issues. Some employers are reluctant to employ them, and the stigma attached to them by society can be very difficult to deal with.

For this reason, and the many challenges that our clients face on a day to day basis, the Hope Project was established, and it has proven over the years to be a welcoming and safe place where our clients can come to relax, to make friends, and to engage in a range of social activities such as table tennis, pool, dominoes etc. with other people who are in similar circumstances. They have meals together. They have regular free outings to the cinema together, and they have excursions to tourist attraction venues and locations across South of England. Trips are also organised to the seaside for them during the summer.

Operating from our base in Tooting, the Hope Project acts as a drop-in centre twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, between the hours of 3pm and 7pm, and welcomes people from all backgrounds, languages, nationalities, and cultures. Staff are trained and professionally competent in working with this client group. They are able to provide emotional and practical support to clients on an individual basis, and this includes one to one counselling and advice on practical issues such as housing and job hunting.

Managed by the Tooting Neighbourhood Centre, an arm of the New Testament Assembly, the Hope Project aims to provide a safe environment for people with mental distress and helps to raise their levels of confidence and self-esteem. With a proud reputation and track record of meeting the needs of this ever increasing group within society, the need for this kind of service has never been more vital.

The importance of our work cannot be underestimated, as we know for sure that our work makes a tremendous difference to the lives of our clients, and to their families, and therefore to society in general.

Our ethos and philosophy is to provide the best possible service to our clients, and deliver this through a compassionate, caring, and a professional staff team.

As we expand the work of the project, we are looking for like-minded individuals who can join us and help us to further develop the project and make it the flagship service provision for people recovering from mental distress in South London.